Our intention is to help you create a morning or evening ritual to be practiced after your shower/bath. Using there tools as a way to connect with yourself.  Spray the mist before meditation, by your beside, or at your desk.  Scrub and butter your body with thoughts of perfect health. Oil your skin with reminders for your senses to be used for their souls purpose. Just for those moments, you can connect with yourself and take 3 deep breaths into a new perspective.

It was there she began her training in nutrition, yoga and energy healing, in turn, practicing love of self. The greatest love of all.  Feeling rejuvenated, feeling fulfilled, she was in tune and loving life when she received another call to leave paradise. Leave Paradise?!!! How do you do end that relationship?


Have you ever noticed that when you don't listen to 'THE VOICE' (excuse my french) but shit hits the fan. That's your intuition trying to get your attention and lead you in the right direction. Thanks to Brits awareness of her higher-self, she intuitively knew she had to return to Toronto, Canada, where she says,"all the right pieces started falling into place even faster." After leaving Bali, she decided to dedicate her life to making people feel good. S|HE IS a fitness instructor, yoga teacher and a fascial stretch therapist.

You know, the magical island that everyone seems to

have major AH-HA moments, eat, pray, and love...


S|HE IS listening, creating a new world. When your intuition calls, you answer. Always.

‍‍‍I was drawn into her natural beauty; eyes of a cat and her soft raspy voice. She had me at, "following my heart."

S|HE IS Brit Mcquarrie for  


After an exhausting PR career in HK (HONG KONG), Brit exited one of the fastest moving melting pots in the world. On her last string of intuition, and $500 in her pocket, she knew it was her calling to heal her own mind, body, and soul, and well, where else would you go to do that?

Brit is also the Founder of Practical Magic, a natural skin care product line.  Inspired by her intuition, we discussed the importance of connecting with self and collaborated to develop an exclusive S|HE IS Practical Magic butter, scrub, mist, and body oil. Our unique blend of the purest essential oils is to remind you, or your loved one to LOVE yourself first and the rest will follow.


S|HE IS reminding us to:

1- “Tell yourself/body that you love and adore it every day, even if you don’t. Say it anyways and work towards it.”

S|HE IS pep talking through affirmations to remind yourself who you really are.

Your intuition is your compass and it’s your duty to keep it tuned. We often think that our organized, auto-pilot-self is doing the trick with our busy lives all scheduled in the iCal. We've become accustomed to thinking that our routine check-ins at the gym, a monthly visit to the spa, or a vacation is enough time to reconnect with ourselves. But, your intuition needs a lot more pampering than that. S|HE may sound 'high maintenance', but after all, it is your guidance system that directs your life. S|HE IS worth the attention.

Here are 3 of Brits life hacks for creating a high-quality lifestyle with these quick REJUVENATION tips for wellness with the 'how'& why' it will keep your intuition spot on.

3- “The human body is made up of mostly water so drink lots of it!”

S|HE IS staying hydrated to keep the body and mind at ease. Just think of the many times you felt a huge sense of relief after having a glass of water. Instant connection. Take the time to notice it. There's your moment.

Spray Mist: body/air- breathe, and relax the mind and tell yourself to let go of all that that is not serving you.

Oils: dab & massage oil on each point, and intentionally ask yourself to:

Behind the ears – LISTEN in your highest good

Between the brow -  SEE clearly

By the wrists – RECEIVE and be open

Between the breasts - FEEL with your heart

Scrub/Butter: Lather it onto the body and while massaging it into your skin ask yourself how each body part feels.

If you’re still looking into your new years resolutions and feel like you need some sprucing up on your energy to connect to your intuition. Britt has a couple more options: join her at @PULSE.PUMP.PRANA class every Wed. 5:30-6:30pm , Sat. 1-2:15, or her Yin Yoga class every Wed. & Thurs. 7pm  at Whole LifeBalance. You can arrange a private personal training & facial stretch therapy sessions at Forme Fitness by emailing her britmcquarrie@gmail.com.

S|HE IS Practical Magic is an exclusive collaboration, handcrafted with the finest natural products and the highest quality in essential oils. Our unqiue blend of scents is made of frankincense, patchouli, ylang ylang and almond oil.

"By consciously tuning into yourself during certain moments of the day you are practicing self LOVE", says Brit.

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It's the truth within you that is creating those feelings, some feel it in the gut, others, it's a sense of knowing. Your job is to know it, follow it and to live it! No matter the outcome, believe and have faith in your knowing because you have cultivated the time to getting in-tune with yourself. Trusting your intuition only leads you to the next big thing!


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Paying attention to your intuition (as Brit has along her journey) is the one of the most valuable and innate systems in your being. The more you follow your inner guidance system, the more you respect your own decisions and trust yourself.

2- “Break a sweat doing something active everyday. It’s good for the body, mind and soul.”

S|HE IS tuning into the body to help create space and slow down the chatter of the mind. It gives the mind a break

while giving the body full attention.


written & photographed by Christine Kolmegies