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S|HE IS Under Construction. The GOLDEN Tools 2014.
S|HE IS Golden. #2014.
A couple of weeks ago, my attention was brought to an email that was politely written by a girl with her CV attached.  I replied, letting her know we will keep her in mind if anything opens up.  Thinking our email conversation was over, she continued to write me, telling me I had a cool name. Curiously, I asked her why she thought that. Never in my life had I ever considered the name ‘Chrissy’ to be on the ‘Top Ten Wickedest Name List of 2013’.  She proceeded by sending me the writing you see to the left and informed me that my name spoken in Greek means ‘GOLDEN’.  All of a sudden, my perspective of my own name changed through her authentic insight. The typography art design and first piece of 2014 for S|HE IS was born.
What may be beautiful to one may not be to the rest, however, authenticity should not be mistaken.
To make a movement, a vital shift, and an in-depth understanding of the future in fashion, art, design, and culture; one can help change the perspective of others by engaging their viewers through their own imagination, allowing space for vulnerability, and exposing themselves through their experiences, created with genuine intent to help promote knowledge, quality & craftsmanship. All will be authentically produced in a visual, artistic and conscious manner for the good of all collaborators, and curators. This is our manifesto for S|HE IS Studio 91, 2014.  
Stay ‘golden’ & stay tuned!
Happy New Year! 
-Christine (Chrissy) Kolmegies 

S|HE IS Eleen Halvorsen, Designer.

This Norway native, and Parsons New School of Design graduate has been working on her clothing line since 2012. Her approach to design is conceptual and unconventional, featuring techniques such as patternmaking and construction, and is heavily influence by juxtaposition of her backgrounds: the crisp nature of Scandinavia and the industrial feel of New York. Her work has been awarded and showcased in numerous shows, such as the international Arts of Fashion Competition in 2012, hosted by The Arts of Fashion Foundation in which she won first place.

Why her collection:

In the midst of the winter, DANCING UNDER THE BLACK MOON capsule collection are pieces to warm us up yet leave us bare.  Perfect for the 2nd day of the NEW YEAR!  They are hand- sewn yarn garments with wrinkled leather.  The pieces in the collection symbolize contrast, using material that represent the “past and the future, standing still in a fragile moment of uncertainty and personal reflection.”  

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